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Environmental education is part of the mainstream education system in Indonesia and is integrated into both school curricula and after-school activities. The innovative Adiwiyata Program began in 2006 to encourage schools across the country to adopt environmentally friendly practices. A variety of stakeholders have contributed to this program, including universities, government agencies, and NGOs, and the program provides incentives and awards to schools who adopt environmentally friendly practices, including “greening” their curriculum.

National Legislation

Environmental education is a right for the community, as mentioned under Article 65, Paragraph 2 of Indonesia’s Environmental Protection and Management Act (2009). The Ministry of Environment & Forestry, Ministry of National Education, and Ministry of Religion began cooperating around environmental education in Indonesia in 2006, and have signed an Environmental Education memorandum of understanding (MOU).

EE in K-12 Education

Environmental education is conducted through formal and informal education approaches. In schools, environmental education is integrated into various curricular areas, including biology, physics, and other subjects, rather than treated as a separate subject. Students also have opportunities to engage in EE through extra-curricular activities. At least 6,000 Indonesian schools have been active in the Green School program. Moreover, the Green Scout program has been established through cooperation with the National Scout Organization across 34 provinces in Indonesia.

Professional Development

Indonesia has not yet developed a special certificate for environmental educators. The development of environmental education in formal education carried out by the government, while informal education by the government as well as NGOs and the environmental education community. Environmental education professional development is mostly led by the government.

EE in the National Government

Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry supports the development of environmental education through formal education including the Green School and Green Campus programs, as informal education through the Green Scout program.

EE National Campaigns and Funding

The government allocates a budget for environmental education development in the formal and informal education sectors. In addition, many companies such as the national petroleum company support activities related to environmental education.


Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Ministry of National Education