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In alignment with worldwide sustainable development efforts, Chile has developed its own National Education Policy for Sustainable Development. Environmental education is present in formal and nonformal educational settings, and the Chilean Environmental Ministry oversees a National System of Environmental Certification for Educational Establishments. Teachers and environmental educators may participate in online and in-person professional development courses, and some of the nation’s universities also offer diploma and degree programs related to environmental education. At the national government level, the Environmental Ministry includes an Environmental Education Division and offers funding for environmental education initiatives through its Environmental Protection Fund.

National Legislation

After the World Summit on Sustainable Development organized by the United Nations in 2002, Chile made the commitment of incorporating an environmental dimension into nonformal and formal education, the economy, and society. In 2009, Chile's government approved the National Educational Policy for Sustainable Development.

EE in K-12 Education

Although environmental education is not explicitly included in the K-12 curriculum, the Environmental Ministry oversees the National System of Environmental Certification for Educational Establishments, which gives a certification to K-12 schools that develop methodologies and strategies for environmental education practices.

Professional Development

The Adriana Hoffmann Academy of Environmental Formation offers several online and face-to-face courses for teachers. Their goals are to support a constant process of formation for teachers in their roles as disseminators of environmental content, and to update the knowledge of civil servants in terms of environmental content and processes, both normative and legal.

In addition, Alberto Hurtado University offers a four-month environmental education diploma and the Playa Ancha University offers the only Environmental Education Master’s degree program in the country.

EE in the National Government

The Environmental Ministry has an Environmental Education Division, divided into four departments, each of which addresses the implementation of projects and strategies for sustainable development in Chile.

National EE Campaigns and Funding

The Environmental Protection Fund from the Environmental Ministry is a competitive environmental fund through which educational establishments, NGOs, or community organizations can apply to get environmental education initiatives funded.