National Policy



Brazilian Network for Environmental Education (REBEA)
Comissão de Meio Ambiente e Qualidade de Vida na Escola (COM-VIDA)
Environmental Education and Family Agriculture Program (Programa de Educação Ambiental e Agricultura Familiar)
Ministry of Environment
National Program on Sustainable Schools (Programa Nacional Escolas Sustentáveis)
Youth Conference for the Environment (Conferência Nacional Infantojuvenil pelo Meio Ambiente)


Case Studies

Environmental education has long been a national priority in Taiwan.


This case study describes one country’s process of implementing a national environmental education act. The Taiwan Environmental Education Act (TEEA) was approved on June 5th, 2010 and went into effect the following year, on June 5th, 2011.


Central Environmental Education Regional Center
Chinese Society for Environmental Education
Department of Comprehensive Planning, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA)
Eastern Environmental Education Regional Center
Environmental Protection Administration, ROC (Taiwan)
Northern District Environmental Education Regional Center
Southern Environmental Education Regional Center



Association for EE in Finland
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC)
Finnish Forest Association
Finnish Nature League - Luonto-Liitto
Finnish Outdoors Association (Suomen latu)
LYKKY Association of Nature Schools and Environmental Schools (Luonto- ja ympäristökoulujen liitto) and LYKENetwork
Scouts Finland
SYKLI Environmental School of Finland
University of Oulu’s Faculty of Education
WWF Finland

United States

Case Studies

This case study describes how one community-based organization is engaging high school students in ongoing study and action learning toward the goal of improving air quality.

The Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed (STRAW) Program of Point Blue Conservation Science is a collaborative network of K-12 students and teachers leading their communities to restore their local ecosystems.

STRAWStudents and Teachers Restoring A Watershed


National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)
National Wildlife Federation
North American Association for Environmental Education
US Environmental Protection Agency