Strengthen Environmental Education's Role in Achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG Ambassadors in Hong Kong

Actively develop partnerships and collaborations that address how environmental education can help achieve the SDGs and targets, leading to a more just and equitable society.

Here's a sample of the feedback from the global community:

  • "Be deliberate about addressing poverty through EE programs."
  • "Have a NAAEE/GEEP conference themed around the SDGs and invite keynotes and workshop leaders from UNESCO and UN to help create a catalyst event."
  • "Align our work to the SDGs. Link EE to social initiatives, promote project-based learning in support of the SDGs, develop curricular resources linked to the SDGs, and create opportunities to share ways in which we can help address SDGs."
  • "Prioritize global collaborations. Gather EE leaders, researchers, funders, and policymakers around the globe to discuss how to best strengthen EE's role in supporting the SDGs."
  • "Link the development of a global fund for EE to the Sustainable Development Goals and support projects that are focused on the intersection of EE, protection of biodiversity, poverty and hunger, climate change, and other goals."
  • "Work with decision makers to integrate the SDGs into all ministries of education and program of studies at all levels."
  • "Provide ideas about how environmental educators can develop programs that link to specific SDGs. (Maybe prioritize the ones that make the most sense to get started.)"
  • "In the United States, align the NGSS with SDG and curate learning materials that support both."
  • "We need to help young people—starting in primary grades—about the importance of sustainability and that that means to them."
  • "Let's figure out a way to link environmental education and poverty reduction through a global fund to support scholarships and leadership programs for those most vulnerable."