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    We ask the global environmental education community to work toward three visionary goals.

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    We, the undersigned, support the Global Environmental Education Partnership's core goals of promoting universal environmental literacy, and we pledge to do all we can to realize the vision of a world in which: 

    1. Every nation has an environmentally informed, empowered, and active populace and workforce.

    2. The leadership of every government, business, NGO, and educational institution uses environmental education to achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes.

    3. Every educational institution incorporates environmental literacy into its mission, goals, and activities.

    We recognize that environmental degradation—now accelerated by climate change—threatens the existence of most species on the planet and deprives people of the most basic and universal human rights of all: the right to live free of conflict and injustice, free of want; the right to grow and learn and to someday pass along to future generations a world better than the one they inherited. 

    We welcome people from all cultures, of all ages, from all walks of life and all professions, and from all corners of the globe to join us. The only entry requirements are to have an open mind, compassion, integrity, and concern for equity and the environmental health of the planet. 

    Our mission is to teach, inspire, encourage, and empower all of us—young to old—to think independently, but also critically; to find our voices and express their informed opinions based on science while remaining open to hearing other views; to work against inequalities that prevent everyone from participating fully; and to promote a vision of the future we can all thrive together in a healthy, sustainable environment.

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