Grow Global EE Leadership

EE 30 Under 30 awardees in Spokane

Develop a leadership pipeline to create a cadre of global leaders who have the 21st Century skills to address current and future sustainability issues. Promote ongoing professional development to sustain leadership.

Here's a sample of the feedback from the global community:

  • "Design and fund a competitive, international fellowship/leadership development training initiative, or international exchange fellowship."
  • "Connect individuals to leadership roles. This may be in government or running for office."
  • "Provide rigorous and inclusive development opportunities for mid-career and senior level leadership in EE via cohorts."
  • "Developing more initiatives which bring together researchers and practitioners at multiple levels of the system. One good model of this is the Transnational Dialogues in ECEfS (Early Childhood Education for Sustainability) which brings late, mid and early career researchers together with practitioners to grow the field of ECEfS. Through this leadership model, myriad international collaborations, research partnerships and sustainability actions are being propagated."
  • "Encourage and assemble a network comprising the next generation of EE leaders at the local and regional level in government and nonprofit sectors throughout many countries."
  • "Secure funding for leadership development opportunities, including fellowships, conferences, and training programs, that result in skills building for emerging EE leaders."
  • "Let young people lead. Empower young professionals to take on leadership positions within your organization and beyond, by joining boards and committees, and by actively listening and learning from them."
  • "Build multi-generational relationships. Provide opportunities for emerging EE professionals to interact with a broad network of EE leaders locally and regionally, from varying sectors, in varying roles, and from diverse countries."
  • "Nurture strengths. Identify and cultivate individual strengths of emerging professionals, and help them identify possible career paths where they can best contribute to sustainability."
  • "How can we create more internships and leadership opportunities for those who don't have the funding to volunteer?"
  • "Start an EE Without Borders where Environmental Educators can volunteer/get a stipend, similar to Peace Corps, to spread EE, teach classes around the world and learn and share from others."