Expand Environmental Education's Role in Achieving Conservation Success


Enhance collaboration between environmental education professionals and conservation leaders to more effectively achieve conservation goals—from protecting species and wild spaces to engaging people in conservation planning.

Here's a sample of the feedback from the global community:

  • "Teach our children in our environment and school to be agents of environmental awareness and action."
  • "Involve learners of all ages in community conservation projects."
  • "Support educators in developing project-based learning curriculum to get youth working on solving real conservation problems now."
  • "Reach out to land trusts around the world to help them establish EE programs as part of their mission." 
  • "EE is often viewed as for children solely. Adults also require EE experiences. I recommend tying children's EE experiences directly to conservation practices that influence the adults, and engaging adults directly through programming aimed at those that aren't traditionally conservation minded."
  • "Support/participate in collaborations with researchers and conservation NGOs to help illuminate and strengthen the connection between environmental education and conservation."
  • "Participate in mutually-beneficial collaborations with researchers and conservation NGOs to strengthen the connection between EE and conservation success."
  • "Promote experiential learning for students and adults through place-based, real-world opportunities to conserve local resources while enhancing environmental literacy."
  • "Create programs that empower young people to become ambassadors for change in their communities, particularly with adults, to further program impact and engage new audiences."
  • "Link environmental educators with conservation professionals to work collaboratively toward sustainable solutions. We need to work together, not in separate silos."
  • "Use the many tools that are out there to plan conservation programs with people in mind, using education as one important strategy to achieve change."
  • "Demonstrate how education can help address the sustainable development goals focused on biodiversity and other conservation issues."
  • "Demonstrate the role that education plays, in conjunction with social marketing and communication, to help engage people."