Develop a Global Fund for Environmental Education


Identify and cultivate long-term funding sources to advance and sustain environmental education at the local, regional, national, and global levels and continue to support innovative partnerships to expand the reach and impact of the field.

Here's a sample of the feedback from the global community:

  • "Approach the venture capitalist sector, propose seed funding for innovative experiential environmental education programs."
  • "[Create] a comprehensive list of some of the current large funders of EE and [host] a conference/workshop, etc. to try and get them on board with a global fund."
  • "Look to already existing international partnerships for opportunities. Think big. UN, World Health Organization."
  • "Source funding from several foundation partners and look into legal requirements for a truly GLOBAL (NOT just AMERICAN) fund for individuals, non-profits, and companies looking to do good EE work in their local community."
  • "Funding drives implementation and a potential next step might be to utilize tools to see the social/business networks of those currently engaged in the field to leverage key relationships and build an 'influencers network' to advance the idea."
  • "Linking environmental education to practical skills training programs that create green jobs and promote innovations in high-risk and marginalized communities."
  • "Cultivate partnerships with organizations whose goals overlap with and complement EE, and approach funders with collaborative, large-scale proposals."
  • "Conduct a gap analysis and determine priorities (societal and within our field) that need funding, from green jobs to organizational capacity building, to funding priorities for marginalized communities."
  • "Cultivate and convene a diverse, and global, group of funders to collaborate and invest in high-potential EE strategies around the globe."
  • "Get sponsorships/grants/funds from both large & small businesses/corporations that champion environmental responsibility."
  • "We need more global funding for underserved audiences to fully participate in environmental education opportunities."