Create and Empower Global Citizens

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Promote environmental education's role in fostering civic engagement, deliberation, critical thinking skills, and active participation, and in motivating individuals, organizations, and communities to take an active role in creating positive change.

Here's a sample of the feedback from the global community:

  • "Develop an education system and platform that would equip students with the competencies they need to thrive and contribute to sustainable development in an era of globalization." 
  • "Change the way educators implement EE from more or less awareness raising and knowledge to action oriented work. Where teachers / educators are truly empowering the participants to get active and develop projects to create a better place in their communities and beyond, thereby, learning and developing life skills that can be applied throughout life." 
  • "Create a global community that focuses on solutions from large scale to small scale changes that make an impact."
  • "Create exchange programs for environmental educators, produce adaptable and multilingual EE resources, and share ideas for solutions, both large scale and community based, that have had impact."
  • "Inspire students—through example and through experiential learning—to become active, informed citizens who understand their power to help create a sustainable world."
  • "Work more closely with those working to promote engaged communities—including the civic education field."
  • "Help educators see that it's important for all learners to understand the importance of creating healthier communities and getting involved in civic [life] as part of our "dues" for living in society. We all need to have the skills to get involved and contribute to a better future."
  • "We need a world-wide exchange program to help support learning, leadership, and integration."
  • "We need to link environmental education, civics, and literacy."
  • "I would like to see the GEEP develop a list of active citizenship competencies that could be used as a guide in countries around the world."
  • "Integrate what we know from those studying networks for social change and help learners understand how to get involved and how to participate in civic systems."