Build a Bigger and More Inclusive Field

Child drawing outside

Ensure that people of all races, ethnicities, sexual preferences, genders, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds have access to high-quality environmental education and are leading the movement to create a more sustainable future. Embrace new ideas, partnerships, and innovations from a diversity of sectors and fields to help achieve the sustainable development goals.

Here's a sample of the feedback from the global community:

  • "Invest in new and diverse leaders, including leaders from developing nations, leaders of color, and youth leaders."
  • "We must work to create internship and leadership opportunities to get more diverse leaders in the field. Once diversity is reflected in the EE community, it will exponentially increase the diversity of people we are able to educate and inspire..."
  • "Challenge the traditional demographic of environmental educators to expand our definition of the 'environment'-we will find more common ground, and overlap with more people and communities."
  • "Partner or establish colleagues with community groups or organizations that reflect various forms of diversity, such as church groups or civil rights organizations."
  • "There can be very little collaboration and exchange worldwide if there are no means of sharing information in various languages."
  • "Every person in this field needs to commit to learning about equity, access, and inclusion, and how to work more effectively to support marginalized and underrepresented populations."
  • "Look for partnerships in other sectors that help us to broaden our understanding of environmental education in a broader context, and look for opportunities to collaborate around shared goals."
  • "Obtain and post case studies of diverse groups engaged in meaningful environmental action. Emphasize inclusiveness and how diverse perspectives are represented."
  • "Promote effective professional development opportunities focused on environmental justice and equity for everyone working in education—including environmental educators!"
  • "Ensure that teaching materials, training, and resources are in languages accessible to all."
  • "Highlight the work that so many are doing to address inequality in education and how justice and environmental protection are connected."
  • "We need more partnerships with business and universities who are also working on equity and inclusion."
  • "We won't make progress unless we address institutional racism and link it to a more sustainable future. We need to focus on the environmental, on social justice, and economic opportunities for everyone."
  • "We often leave out those who are mentally and physically challenged when we talk about reaching all audiences. We need to make sure everyone's at the table."