Hanna Seimola

Global Education Coordinator, WWF Finland

Hanna joined WWF Finland in 2006. At the moment, she is Head of Education Programmes in the Conservation Department. Since July 2017 Hanna has been developing global WWF Education Community, and in the beginning of FY18 she was appointed as Global Education Coordinator, committing up to 90% of her time for global coordination. So far, she has brought together 65 WWF offices as a network and facilitated the building of Global WWF Education Strategy. Moreover, she coordinated the work of Global Education Core Group by establishing a functioning WWF Education Community, building partnerships and developing global collaboration. Hanna has a 20-year work history in the field of environmental education (EE). She holds Master’s in Biology and Pedagogy, and prior to her time at WWF, she worked as a biology teacher and as an educator in an Outdoor Education Centre. She also has Graduate Certificate in EE (Griffith University, Australia), has been a co-writer of “Handbook of EE” in Finland, and published articles for her PhD on multicultural EE.