I-Hsin (Shin) Kuo, Taiwan EPA

I-Hsin (Shin) Kuo

Environmental Coordinator, Department of Comprehensive Planning, Environmental Protection Administration, ROC (Taiwan)

Shin has over 13 years of experience working in environmental education, including at Taiwan EPA, Environmental Professionals Training Institute (EPTI), and Taijiang National Park. She graduated from the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University in 2010. She was the main contact coordinator and environmental educator in Taijiang National Park from 2012 to 2013. She has profound experience in the training and management of environmental education venues. Since 2020, she has served as the environmental coordinator at the Department of Comprehensive Planning, Taiwan EPA, where she is in charge of the Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) and the GEEP Asia-Pacific Regional Center (APRC). She also manages the US-Taiwan Eco-Campus program, EE cooperation projects with NPOs, and EE activities for the public and students, and reviews grant applications from local governments for the Environmental Education Fund.