Yi-Hsuan (Tim) Hsu

Professor, Director of Environmental Education Extension Center, Aletheia University

Tim Hsu received his Master and Ph.D. degrees from the School of Natural Resources at Ohio State University. Now he is a professor in the Department of Leisure & Recreation Management, and also the Director of the Environmental Education Extension Center, at Aletheia University in Taiwan. He also served in a leading role for national EE projects over the years, including EE in the schooling system developed by the Ministry of Education, nonformal EE in Nature Centers promoted by the Taiwan Forestry Bureau, and International cooperation in academic and practical development with UK, Japan, Korea, and China. In addition, Tim serves as the operational consultant for the National Marine Museum, Taijing National Park, Water Resources Bureau, and the Southern Meteorological Center. His research interests focus on program design, professional training, and evaluations in formal and nonformal environmental education settings, as well as promotion of the EE Act. Tim has translated and written many popular science books, and was awarded A Good Book for Everyone-Must-Read of the year.