David Gonzalez

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Mexico City native, David Ricardo Flores Gonzales, is a journalist, political organizer, social activist, and full-timenstudent. David writes for a local Guadalajara newspapernabout culture, politics, and social movements. Davidnworks with Lexicon of Stability’s Project Localize, helpingnclassrooms identify and promote ways to encouragenprogress and empower people in their communities through collective action for sustainable economic, cultural, and social development. Focused on local food systems, Project Localize participants learn about their communities’ food producers, farmers, and stakeholders, create informative artwork related to their findings on sustainability, then share with their communities to create lasting change.

David also works with Wikipolítica México, a sociopolitical movement working to improve the democratic process in Mexico and empower citizens through social innovation to encourage progress on a national scale. Through his work with Wikipolítica México, David helped to elect 25-year-old Pedro Kumamoto, the first independent deputy in the Jalisco Local Congress. This grassroots movement’s success is a rare feat in Mexico’s political landscape, which for the past 80 years has been dominated by two political parties, the centrist PRI, and conservative PAN. David also contributes his thoughts on youth participation in the political process to a local radio program. David feels that everyone can create change in their communities to solve the world’s most pressing problems, such as pollution, energy consumption, and poverty.