Garrett Blad

Executive Coordinator, SustainUS

Garrett Blad is a climate justice activist, educator, systems thinker and doer, collage artist, and performance poet from (small town you have never heard of) Indiana. He is currently Executive Coordinator of SustainUS, a youth-led organization advancing justice and sustainability by training and empowering young people to engage in advocacy. He works at multiple scales of change-making to build a more just and sustainable world - from the United Nations climate negotiations to his alma mater where he co-launched a fossil fuel divestment campaign. Garrett is committed to using the power of story to build strong relationships and communities to advance social change. He envisions a future where no child in Indiana, or anywhere, fears the air they breathe, the water from the kitchen tap, or the soil in their front lawn will poison them. All of Garrett’s work seeks to reimagine and reorient our economic, educational, and political systems to facilitate a speedy transition to a democratic, sustainable, and peaceful world. Garrett has a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Policy from the University of Notre Dame.

Ask him about cycling between Vermont and Paris, France.

Garrett was also chosen as a panelist for NAAEE 2016 Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.