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José Pablo Zárate Montero

José is an advisor in environmental education for the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica, which he has been with since 2004. He lives in San Pedro de Barva, Costa Rica, a beautiful town where you can still enjoy nature and amazing views of the sunset. José has bachelor's degrees in Geographic Sciences on the Management of Natural Resources and Environment, Natural Sciences Teaching, and Environmental Education; and he has a master of science degree in Educational Sciences. He has been a member of the National Commission of the Ecological Blue Flag Program since 2004 and an advisor of the curricular support and learning evaluation program at the University Estatal a Distancia since 2020. He has also taught preschool science and environmental education and ecology at the University San Isidro Labrador, as well as sustainable development / globalization, and environment and sustainable human development / geopolitics at the University Latinoamerica de Ciencias y Tecnología.