Gayatri Ragwha

Gayatri Raghwa lived in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for 27 years and recently moved to her home country, India. She has worked to raise the profile of EE since its inception at Abu Dhabi. She has worked as a volunteer, with an NGO, and with the government to promote EE. At the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, where she worked as a senior specialist, she strategized for EE at the government level, developing, designing, and implementing programs for schools, colleges, and other audiences. She also developed MoUs with EE organizations such as the NAAEE, CEE, AAEE and also from other parts of the world. She has developed resource materials such as books and manuals for varied audiences, regularly conducting training of trainer modules for school and college educators. She also contributes as a member to organizations such as the Zayed Future Energy Prize, Eye On Earth, and UNCSD Education. She has developed and run successful programs like the Enviro-spellathon, Sustainable Schools Initiative, Sustainable Campus Initiative for the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi. She continues to work as a freelance consultant developing resource materials for Abu Dhabi organizations and also with several other organizations in India.