professional headshot of Thiaga Nadeson

Thiaga Nadeson

Head of Education and Markets, WWF-Malaysia

Thiaga Nadeson had been with the Ministry of Education of Malaysia for 5 years, and investment holding affairs for another 5 years, before joining WWF-Malaysia in 2001. He has been involved with sustainability work ever since his work infusing environmental education in formal education system through schools and universities, supervising community education for rural and indigenous community within WWF-Malaysia’s priority conservation areas, and introducing the sustainable cities program or One Planet City Challenge Programme with WWF-Malaysia. Thiaga also introduced Sekolah Hijau (Green Schools) which later was fundamental in the creation of Sekolah Lestari (Sustainable Schools) and SERASI (Environmental Friendly Schools) in Sabah. Using his corporate affairs knowledge and skills, he is now managing a team that deals with transforming companies’ uptake of sustainably produced soft commodities such as Palm Oil, Timber and Rubber. He also leads the sustainable finance programme which deals with banks, investors and regulators such as Stock Exchange of Malaysia (Bursa Malaysia), Securities Commission and other financial institutions. He was a Board Member of the Foundation for Environmental Education, was part of the WWF’s sustainable development for conservation Asia-Pacific team for rural and indigenous community work, alternate member for Green Growth Asia’s Advisory Committee and Sustainable Solution Network Malaysia Chapter. Eco-Schools, Eco-Institutes and Eco-Campus are among the three programmes introduced under his leadership in Malaysia and he has deep interest to integrate them with the cities’ sustainability programmes in Malaysia.