Saymanti Bandyopadhyay

Education Officer, Centre for Environment Education

Saymanti has been interested in the environment and ecology since her school days, motivating her to pursue her Bachelors in Zoology from Calcutta University, followed by a Masters in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from Pondicherry University. She has since been recruited by the Center for Environment Education (CEE), India, as part of their national recruitment drive. Her education and field experiences fueled her passion for the subject and she has since been actively involved in projects intended to bring about positive changes to existing natural systems.

She considers her diverse work experience in indigenous cultures, rural environments, and forest ecosystems to be vital learning experiences, which have only added value to her formal education. Her education and  work experience has also led to a nuanced understanding of the practical aspects of conservation and wildlife education, specially in issues related to urban biodiversity and nature education.

Prior to CEE, Saymanti worked as a naturalist and guide at the Tadoba Andhari National Park in Central India, and at the TREE Foundation, Chennai on a project on conservation of Olive Ridley Turtles. She is currently the Education Officer at Sundarvan Mini-zoo in Ahmedabad, India, working on education and awareness programs. She handles the Young Naturalists Program, connecting formal education with nature education and conservation, and the Snake Awareness Program, among other projects.

When she is not working, Saymanti backpacks around India and volunteers in remote Himalayan villages, teaching kids or learning from them. She is an avid reader and music enthusiast and is actively engaged in learning about Indian traditions and culture through her hobbies. Currently, she expends her pent-up energy in learning Salsa.