Miranda Andersen

, Mossom Creek Hatchery

Since the age of 9 Miranda has made a dozen films on environmental subjects ranging from deforestation, the perils of plastic, coral reef preservation and nature deficit disorder. Her passions for protecting the environment led to her using public speaking, school projects, artwork and a blog to encourage youth to get involved in environmental stewardship over the past eight years. Her primary goal has always been to lead by example and motivate youth to be tomorrow's change-makers.

Over the years the recognition Miranda's films have received allowed her to discover the power of film as well as the power of the internet to spread messages across the globe. The responses she has received inspired her to take her work to the next level and establish an environmental education website that incorporates her films with lesson plans that she's designed to be used by educators with youth: enufsaid.ca. It represents an effort to get kids more connected to nature and inspire them to embrace their local ecosystems. She believes that people who haven't experienced nature have been robbed of a gift. If we want to preserve the planet for the future we need to care about nature and forge a connection to it. After all, we can only care about what we know about.

Miranda is also a competitive swimmer and you can find her in the pool 20 to 25 hours a week. She loves art, especially painting and enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors. Her hope is to pursue a science degree with a focus on marine biology, ecology or environmental science.

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