Democratic Republic of Congo


The Democratic Republic of Congo promotes EE primarily through its professional organization, Congo Green Citizen, and through partnership with national and international NGOs. 

National Policy 

While there is not a national policy for environmental education, legislation has been proposed for a national environmental education program that has yet to be approved.

EE in K-12 Education

EE is not included in the K-12 curriculum, however various NGOs do implement EE activities in K-12 schools.

Professional Development 

Democratic Republic of Congo does not yet have a certification program for environmental educators. However, environmental educators in the country do their work with the assistance of national and international NGO initiatives. 

Professional Organizations

The association Congo Green Citizen is the only current EE association in the country, and currently operates in Kinshasa. The association plans to establish representation in other parts of the country over the next few years. 

EE in the National Government

The National Center of Environmental Information is a department of the Ministry of Environment. This office promotes environmental education at the national level; however, adequate funding continues to be a challenge to full implementation.