Advisory Group

The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) steering committee provides guidance on the overall direction of the GEEP, assists in the development of GEEP membership and governance, and serves as ambassadors for the partnership. Members serve a one-year term.

Alan Reid, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University

Professor Mphemelang Ketlhoilwe, Associate Professor, University of Botswana
President, President of the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa

Bill Scott, Professor Emeritus, University of Bath
President, U.K. Association for Environmental Education
United Kingdom

Kartikeya V. Sarabhai, Director, Centre for Environmental Education

Dr. Paul Ofei-Manu, Policy Researcher, Education, Institute for Global Strategies

Mahesh Pradhan, United Nations Environment Program

Margie Simon de Ortiz, Director General, CICEANA

Ben Reddiex New Zealand Director, Community Engagement Unit, Department of Conservation
New Zealand

Tzu Chau Chang, Professor, National Taiwan Normal University

Yi Hsuan Hsu, Professor, Director of Chinese Society of Environmental Education, Aletheia University

Arjen Wals, Professor, University of Wageningen
The Netherlands

Mrs Gayatri Raghwa, Executive Director, Wild Ecologue / Consultant Environment Education
India/United Arab Emirates

Ginger Potter, Senior Education Specialist, United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States

Justin Harris, Manager, International Environmental Partnership, United States Environmental Protection Agency
United States

Judy Braus, Executive Director, North American Association for Environmental Education
United States